Stark County

Cultural Cookbook

Celebrating Culture through Cooking

Share your recipe. Share your traditions. Share your story.

We are 4 middle schoolers from Stark County, Ohio passionate about learning about different cultures, celebrating the beautiful diversity in Stark County, and EATING GOOD FOOD! (We love good food).

We believe the best way to discover new cultures, break down stereotypes, and build empathy for others is by sharing delicious food and conversation together. Our goal is to create a cookbook that shares the personal stories and cultural recipes of diverse people from our home - Stark County. Our hope is that this cookbook will be full of meaningful stories and delicious recipes that raise awareness of the diversity in our community!

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We believe celebrating culture matters.

We believe food brings people together.

“I would love to create a cultural cookbook to share different cultures in our community with areas in our community that lack diversity, like where I live.” - Alsey Haas, 14 years old, 8th grader at North Canton Middle School

“I want to create the Stark County Cultural Cookbook to give people the opportunity to learn more about other cultures and communities.” - Naomi Cain, 15 years old, 9th grader at Lake High School

“I want to create the culture cookbook because I want to show people that everyone is equal and needs to be treated with respect.” - Matie Watson, 13 years old, 8th grader

“I want to create the Stark County cultural cookbook because I want to bring people together and help people learn about other cultures, plus I want to help stop racism.” - Makenna, 11 years old, 6th grader

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of the Stark County Cultural Cookbook!